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Mobility & Electric Scooters


Friday, 25 September 2020



This great Scooter Carrier will hold even the heaviest scooter...that's how tough it is.No need to buy a "small" scooter anymore! When you're out and about, you want to be comfortable right?

Go to the park on a family outing or to the shops and park easily in the underground carparks. Wherever you want to go with your Mobility Scooter, the Scooter Rack will take you there.

The loading ramp drops down so you can safely load your Mobility Scooter, then use the anchor points to secure your scooter. When you get to where you're going, reverse off, reposition the ramp and then lift the  entire rack for easy storage and parking.

- NO Registration required!
- NO Bulky Trailers to store!
- Hang it on the wall in the garage!
- NO flat tyres to worry about.
- NO damage to your scooter due to "Trailer Bounce" 
- Dipped in a paint bath which provides a thick protective paint coating.


When you purchase a scooter carrier from Scooter Smart, you receive the following accessories:

1 x Wheel Away System
1 x Lighting Kit (self installation required)

1 x Tie Down Strap
1 x Hitch Pin with Padlock
1 x Gas Strut for Easy Lifting
1 x Reversing Sensor

1 x Weatherproof scooter cover 

Note: This product requires a 50mm hitch towbar receiver to be installed on  the towing vehicle.
Please ensure your vehicle has the appropriate towing capacity to carry this device.


Scooter Smart offer 24/7 advice & support
12 month warranty on all Scooter purchases

Colour Black
Load Capacity 226kgs
Length of Carrier 152cm
Width of Carrier 83cm
Length of Ramp 152cm
Total Weigth 44kgs


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Based on direct advice from VicRoads, the following criteria must be met in order to use a Scooter Carrier on your vehicle. If you plan to use a Scooter Rack outside of Victoria, please contact the appropriate road authority.

  • The rear overhang limit (the distance from the centre of the rear axle to the rear of the scooter carrier) – must not exceed 3.7m or 60% of the vehicle’s wheelbase, whichever is lesser;
  • Rear protrusions – the scooter carrier must not extend more than the lesser of 1.2 meters beyond the rear of the vehicle and the rear overhang limit;
  • Side projections – the limit for a loads projection from the outermost part of either side of a vehicle must not exceed 150 millimetres;
  • The vehicle’s rear lamp/reflectors must not be obscured when the rack is in either the vertical or horizontal position – if so complying repeater lamps/reflectors must be provided on the scooter carrier;
  • The rear number plate must not be obscured – if so it must be relocated or an additional plate fitted;
  • If the number plate is obscured then at least one number plate light must be fitted to the rear of the scooter carrier;
  • When on, the number plate light or lights must illuminate a number plate on the rear of the vehicle with white light, so the characters on the number plate can be rear at night 20 metres from the rear of the vehicle;
  • The vertical load imposed on the tow bar by the mass of the rack and the scooter must not exceed the maximum allowable vertical load specified by either the tow bar manufacturer or by the vehicle manufacturer;
  • The carrier must either be folded into a vertical position or removed entirely when not being used to carry the scooter;
  • Any loading ramp used to facilitate loading of the scooter must only deploy to the left hand side of the vehicle;
  • The scooter must be adequately restrained during travel;

The scooter carrier will meet the standards for registration in Victoria provided the above requirements are met. These are the requirements for Victoria only, other jurisdictions will need to be consulted individually.

For a printable (pdf version) of the specifications and features of this Scooter Smart Scooter Rack,
please click on the button below so you can print out & share your thoughts & future investment with family and friends.



Some towbars are fitted at an angle which means that your Scooter Rack will point up in the air. Please check with your Towbar fitting Specialist to ensure they can provide you with a towbar hitch that sits horizontally.

Also, if your car sits a little low when the Scooter Rack is loaded with your Scooter or Golf Buggy, you may be able to fit air shocks to improve the cars "posture". Again, please check with your Suspension Specialist.

Here is a list of cars that we know have the angled tow bar:

  • Land Rover V8 Turbo
  • 2005 Magna
  • 1998 VP Commodore
  • Toyota Avalon

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