This page explains some of the most frequently asked questions relating to mobility scooters and Scooter Smart's service.

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Mobility & Electric Scooters



Friday, 25 September 2020


electric scooters



You can now test ride a Scooter Smart Mobility Scooter at your local Pharmore Pharmacy.

Melton Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 11-12 Woodgrove Shopping Centre
, Melton, VIC 3337
Phone: (03) 9743 6633

Hawthorn Pharmore Pharmacy

736-738 Glenferrie Road
, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone: (03) 9818 1313

East Bentleigh Pharmore Pharmacy

775 Centre Road, 
East Bentleigh, VIC 3165
Phone: (03) 9579 5066

Box Hill Pharmore Pharmacy
Shop 68/69 Box Hill Central
 Box Hill, VIC 3128
Phone: (03) 9890 6253

Blackburn North Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 33 North Blackburn Square, 
North Blackburn, VIC 3130
Phone: (03) 9878 8112

Arndale Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 20/21, Arndale Shopping Centre 
Croydon, VIC 3136
Phone: (03) 9723 6222

Bayswater Pharmore Pharmacy
2 High Street
 Bayswater, VIC 3153
Phone: (03) 9729 2786

Knox Pharmore Pharmacy
3 Little Burwood Highway
, Wantirna South, VIC 3152
Phone: (03) 9887 0220

Cardinia Pharmore Pharmacy
154 Main Street
, Pakenham, VIC 3810
Phone:  (03) 5941 1888

Cranbourne Pharmore Pharmacy

73 High Street
, Cranbourne, VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 5996 2455

Karingal Hub Pharmore Pharmacy
36-38 Karingal Hub Shopping Centre
, Frankston, VIC 3199
Phone: (03) 9776 6188

Mobility scooters



We know safety will be your number one priority & it is ours too. Scooter Smart® is dedicated to providing our customers with a service that focuses on safely getting where you need to go on your mobility scooter.

We like to get you moving without fuss...

As part of our safe motoring culture, when you purchase one of our outdoor mobility scooters, we will provide you with a FREE SAFETY STARTER KIT that will assist you to navigate your neighbourhood. 


Q) Are motorised mobility scooters safe?

A) Yes, generally electric mobility scooters are safe and practical transport. Of course each individual is different so a part of our mission is to not only sell you a mobility scooter but to make sure you are competent in the usage of a mobility scooter prior to sale.

Q) If I have never driven a car can I drive a mobility scooter?

A) Yes, if you contain reasonable coordination skills you can ride a scooter. Here at Scooter Smart®, prior to any sale of our mobility scooters, we like to take you through a comprehensive trial to ensure you are confident in your abilities behind the wheel. A complete instructional manual is included with your mobility scooter.

Q) Do I require a license or require to do a test.

A) Not at present. Under current legislation, the use of mobility scooters is classified under the same rules as a pedestrian. If you have any doubts at all, please contact your local council or RTA office. The rules and regualations may be slightly different in each state of Australia.

Q) How far will an electric mobility scooter travel per charge?

A) This varies on quality & capacity of battery, weight of driver, tyre pressure, quality of charger and terrain in which it is travelling. The quality of the battery and charger is paramount, that is why we have spent considerable time in making sure our components are of the best quality and tested prior to usage. The distance your Scooter Smart® product will travel will vary on the above factors but as a guide will operate to the maximum detailed in our products specifications. 35 to 40 km’s per charge.

Q) How long will my motorised mobility scooter batteries last for?

A) Generally a mobility scooter battery has a life span of approximately 2-3 years. Caring for your battery & charger should prolong its lifespan.

Q) How do you charge the batteries for an electric mobility scooter?

A) Each product varies dependent on either having an internal or external charger and of course their quality (see operators manual). All of our chargers operate automatically and switch to sleep mode when the batteries are fully charged so there is no risk of overcharging.

Q) How often will I require a service of my mobility scooter?

A) Our products are built to a specific standard ensuring that quality is of the highest. Given this maintenance is fairly low. We suggest that once a year if used considerably will be sufficient and every six months for heavy users.

Q)  Where do I get my product serviced?

A)  Feel free to give us a call at anytime to discuss your requirements; if local we will undertake this for you in our equipped warehouse. If remote or rural give us a call and we will either dispatch a local service provider or come out directly to you.

Q) Where do I get my mobility scooter accessories or spares from?

A) Give us a call and we’ll look after all of your needs or direct you to our nearest dealer. We keep a large range of accessories and mobility scooter spare parts to ensure our customers get back on track fast.



When you purchase one of our mobility scooters, we will provide you with a scooter safety package that will assist you to navigate your neighbourhood.

As part of our safe motoring culture, we provide free of charge, a start up safety kit to get you moving quickly without fuss and incurring any additional unforseen costs.



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