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Mobility & Electric Scooters


Thursday, 24 September 2020


electric scooters



You can now test ride a Scooter Smart Mobility Scooter at your local Pharmore Pharmacy.

Melton Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 11-12 Woodgrove Shopping Centre
, Melton, VIC 3337
Phone: (03) 9743 6633

Hawthorn Pharmore Pharmacy

736-738 Glenferrie Road
, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone: (03) 9818 1313

East Bentleigh Pharmore Pharmacy

775 Centre Road, 
East Bentleigh, VIC 3165
Phone: (03) 9579 5066

Box Hill Pharmore Pharmacy
Shop 68/69 Box Hill Central
 Box Hill, VIC 3128
Phone: (03) 9890 6253

Blackburn North Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 33 North Blackburn Square, 
North Blackburn, VIC 3130
Phone: (03) 9878 8112

Arndale Pharmore Pharmacy

Shop 20/21, Arndale Shopping Centre 
Croydon, VIC 3136
Phone: (03) 9723 6222

Bayswater Pharmore Pharmacy
2 High Street
 Bayswater, VIC 3153
Phone: (03) 9729 2786

Knox Pharmore Pharmacy
3 Little Burwood Highway
, Wantirna South, VIC 3152
Phone: (03) 9887 0220

Cardinia Pharmore Pharmacy
154 Main Street
, Pakenham, VIC 3810
Phone:  (03) 5941 1888

Cranbourne Pharmore Pharmacy

73 High Street
, Cranbourne, VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 5996 2455

Karingal Hub Pharmore Pharmacy
36-38 Karingal Hub Shopping Centre
, Frankston, VIC 3199
Phone: (03) 9776 6188

Mobility scooters



We know safety will be your number one priority & it is ours too. Scooter Smart® is dedicated to providing our customers with a service that focuses on safely getting where you need to go on your mobility scooter.

We like to get you moving without fuss...

As part of our safe motoring culture, when you purchase one of our outdoor mobility scooters, we will provide you with a FREE SAFETY STARTER KIT that will assist you to navigate your neighbourhood. 

Like many products on the market these days, the quality of mobility scooters can vary considerably. Here are a few things to check when purchasing your next mobility scooter.

Power – Mobility Scooter Climbing Grade

Ensure you check the climbing grade of the mobility scooter, particularly if you intend to use the device throughout hilly terrain. Electric mobility scooters can vary in motor power and torque considerably. Some smaller mobility scooters may have a climbing grade of aboutn 8 degrees, where as larger more powerful mobility scooters may have a climbing grade of up to 15 degrees.

Mobility Scooter Carrying Capacity
 Ensure the mobility scooter has the appropriate carrying capacity for your weight and always remember to include the weight of any extras you may include such as shopping, accessories or  even your pet!

Mobility Scooter Chair – Comfort & Adjustability

Mobility scooter chairs can range from being very basic right through to including many additional features. When looking for a mobility scooter, it’s important to ensure the chair also suits your needs. Features of mobility scooter chairs may include:

·         Adjustable head rest;
·         Adjustable back rest;
·         Adjustable arms, both up and down (for easier access) and in & out;
·         Forward & back seat track system;
·         180 degree or 360 degree Swivel seat (for easier access);
·         Accessory point at the back (refer Accessory Options paragraph below);
·         Raising and lowering the seat to suit your height.

Your comfort is important, so ensure you can appropriately drive the mobility scooter and reach the controls from your natural sitting position without over stretching yourself.

Mobility Scooter Steering Column
The steering column (or tiller) is another component of the mobility scooter that is used each and every time you drive your scooter, so it’s important that it is set up to suit your own needs. Ensure the mobility scooter you purchase has an adjustable tiller. This adjustment combined with an adjustable seat will assist you to determine the most comfortable position to drive your electric mobility scooter in. Always ensure you can reach all the scooter controls easily, and check your arms are relaxed (not stretched), when steering your scooter.
Mobility Scooter to Height Ratio
Your height may have a bearing on the type of electric mobility scooter that suits your needs. If you are very tall, you may find that you feel cramped when attempting to drive a smaller mobility scooter and if you are shorter, then you may find that you are stretching to touch the mobility scooter floor, or possibly may not be able to touch the floor at all.
When selecting your electric mobility scooter, ensure you can rest your feet firmly on the floor of the device when in the comfortable sitting position. Remember, you may be using your mobility scooter for long durations, so it is vital you feel comfortable when seated in the mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooter Night Driving and Lighting

You may need to carefully consider if you will be using your mobility scooter at night, and if so, select a mobility scooter that includes lighting. Head lights and parking lights are often available in mobility scooters. Some mobility scooter are installed with standard lighting, where as others may include LED lighting.

Mobility Scooter Indicators & Hazard Lights
Indicators are an excellent way to tell people around you what you plan to do, especially if you are in built up areas such as shopping centres or busy streets.

Hazard lights can be very helpful if for some reason you may need assistance when using your mobility scooter. Similarly to cars, when the hazard button on a scooter is pressed, all blinkers flash concurrently.

Horn & Reversing Sound

Just like head lights, indicators and hazard lights, another important safety feature for mobility scooters is to have alert sounds. Not all mobility scooters have this function, however when you consider using a mobility scooter in a crowded street or shopping centre, you will start to understand that this feature can be very useful. Horns & reversing beepers can be very useful to let someone know that you trying to get past them or if you need to reverse your mobility scooter in a tight crowded location.

Mobility Scooter Ground Clearance

Depending on where you live, your local environment or what you plan to use your mobility scooter for, the mobility scooter ground clearance can make a difference to navigating your desired location appropriately.

In shopping centres, many retirement villages and aged care facilities, the ground clearance for a mobility scooter may not be a significant factor, however if you plan to navigate through parks, across cracked or broken pathways, up & down steep curbs, ground clearance may need to be considered carefully.

Mobility Scooter Anti Tip Wheels
Most mobility scooters have anti-tip wheels installed. These are two small wheels generally located along the back on the mobility scooter near the chassis, typically between the back wheels. These wheels are designed to assist the mobility scooter in some cases to avoid it from tipping over and to assist to get through some undulating conditions.

Mobility Scooter Free Wheel Functionality
If at some point you need to move your scooter without running the motor, you will have a lot of difficulty unless the electric brake is disengaged. The electric brake is usually engaged on your scooter when the scooter is in the stop position, even when your scooter is off.
Ensure the mobility scooter you purchase has a manual level to disengage the electric brake to allow you to move the electric mobility scooter freely. You may need to use this function for example, if you got a flat tyre or possibly run out of battery. In any case, it’s worth checking that the next mobility scooter you purchase has this function. All Scooter Smart outdoor mobility scooters carry this feature.

Some mobility scooters even include an extra free wheel button, typically located at the steering column to make it easier to disengage the electric brake on the mobility scooter. Generally the manual lever is located near the brake itself, making it difficult for some people to access. The extra free wheel button can make it much easy to manoeuvre a mobility scooter when loading it on a trailer or if you had a flat tyre.

Mobility Scooter Accessory Options
There are so many different mobility scooter accessories you can purchase these days. Everyone is different and many of us have different needs, so you will find a large range of accessories available to suit your needs too.
Mobility scooter accessories vary from:

·         Mobility scooter awnings;
·         Mobility scooter cup holders;
·         Mobility scooter front baskets;
·         Mobility scooter rear bags;
·         Mobility scooter rear view mirrors;
·         Mobility scooter walking stick holders;
·         Mobility scooter oxygen tank holders;
·         Mobility scooter seat belts;
·         Mobility scooter safety flags;
·         Mobility scooter protective dust covers.

Some mobility scooter sellers such as Scooter Smart may be able to custom make accessories to suit your specific needs.

Many mobility scooter accessories will utilise an inbuit bracket at the rear of your chair. Ensure the mobility scooter you purchaes has an accessories bracket built into the rear of the char to make it easier for you to connect any needed mobility scooter accessories.
To see our full range of electric mobility scooter products, click here.


Enjoy the ride and stay active on your new mobility scooter!



There are many health and lifestyle benefits of physical activity for older adults.

People with an active lifestyle feel healthier and have an improved sense of wellbeing.

Besides feeling better, physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes (NSW Sport and Recreation, 2009). 

Social participation is recognised as particularly important for seniors’ quality of life.

Social participation helps to prevent the debilitating effects of isolation, and contributes to improvements in health and wellbeing. 

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